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Thunder Bay Transportation Authority
Dial-A-Ride Transportation

3859 US 23 North, Alpena, MI 49707
TBTA: (989) 354-2487
DART: (989) 356-4596
Fax: (989) 419-5901

Please be prepared to give the rider's first and last name when calling in order for the dispatcher to book your trip.  All calls are recorded for customer service purposes.

3 MINUTE WAIT TIME AT PICK UP - you must be on your way to the bus within 3 minutes of arrival or the bus will continue on and you will be charged a "No-Show" fare (same as your fare).

Call as soon as possible for all cancellations or changes to your ride.  It is considered a "No-Show" if the bus has already arrived at your location and you decide to cancel your ride.  Payment is still required for a "No-Show".

HAVE THE CORRECT FARE - Payment is required when boarding the bus.  Drivers do not carry change and there are no charges.

A minimum notice of 1 hour will ensure delivery in a safe and timely manner.  For better service, 24 our notice is RECOMMENDED for all rides.  Your trip can be booked days or even weeks in advance.

Work schedules can be called in and set up on a weekly basis to save you time(re-occurring trips).

Please notify the dispatcher when your appointment time is (doctor, work, etc.).  You must begin watching for the bus one hour prior to that time, so please call in plenty of time (at least 1 hour prior).

"Round trip" payments are not accepted.

SEAT BELTS are strongly recommended for your safety!

NO eating or drinking open containers on the bus.  Water and soda bottles (with screw on tops) are allowed, but please be courteous and keep the bus clean.

Profanity, vulgar or obscene signs or gestures, screaming or misbehaving will not be tolerated.  Passengers should be considerate of other riders or their riding privileges can be revoked.

Cameras are on the buses for the safety of our riders and our staff.

Passengers must remain seated until the bus comes to a complete stop.

All mobility devices must be properly secured.

All strollers must be collapsed and kept with the rider unless they are big enough to be secured down.

Bicycles may be transported, if securement is available.  You may be charged an additional fare for the bicycle if you take up a securement spot on another passenger.

Recreational equipment (skate boards, roller blades) may be carried onto the bus, but not operated on the bus.

Firearms or weapons cannot be brought on the bus.

Flammables & Explosives cannot be brought on the bus.

Service animals are allowed, but all other animals must be in proper carriers or muzzled.

Passengers MUST NEVER cross in front of the bus.

Passengers who intentionally damage TBTA property will lose their riding rights and may be prosecuted.

Passengers must be able to carry their groceries on in one trip or the driver can charge an additional fare.  Drivers may provide assistance, if requested, on/off the bus but will not carry groceries past the sidewalk or up to your home.

Passengers are responsible for their own items.  TBTA does have a "lost and found" department, so please call us if you think you left an article on the bus.

TRIPPER rides:  Parents must register their elementary or pre-school age child with the main office before they can ride to/from school.  Packets are also available at all school offices.

TRIPPER rides:  If a parent has not called theTBTA office (not the school) to schedule a ride upon our arrival, then your child will not be allowed to ride and sent back into the school.

TRIPPER rides:  Parents of riders are asked to call and set up trips in advance.  If you call in the AM, please notify us if they will ride in the PM.  Parents must call (989) 354-2487 for scheduling trips.

TRIPPER rides:  If prior day notice for AM rides is not given for children, they may be late for school.  Scheduled riders will be transported first and least minute call-ins will be fit in based on driver's location or assigned to the next available bus.

TRIPPER rides:  A child may pay "round trip" IF scheduled to ride TO and FROM school.  However, if he/she does not ride again that day, the credit will NOT be refunded.  These payments are only good for the same day traveled.

Providing public transportation services to the residents of Alpena, Alcona, and Montmorency Counties, and the City of Alpena.

Copyright 2020 by National RTAP   
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