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Rider Guidelines

  • DART wait time could be between 1 minute to 1 hour depending how busy it is, plan accordingly. 
  • There is only a 3 minute wait time at each pick up, if no-one comes out by then you will be charged for a no show, so make sure you call and cancel if the ride is no longer needed. 
  • Three consecutive no-shows will result in termina­tion of future scheduled rides until account is settled with the office
  • Have the correct fare. Payment is required when boarding the bus. Drivers do not carry change. NO charges or credits (over payment tracking) are avail­able.
  • If you have an appointment or other timed event you must call no less than an hour prior to ensure proper transportation.
  • Seat belt usage is highly recommended for the riders safety.
  • No eating or drinking on the bus
  • Profanity, vulgar or obscene signs or gestures will not be tolerated. Bus right can be terminated.
  • Firearms or weapons CAN NOT be brought on the bus. Same goes for
    flammables and explosives.
  • Passengers are responsible for their own items.
  • Service Animals are allowed but all other animals must be in a proper carrier or muzzled.
  • Passengers MUST NEVER cross in front of the bus.
  • Passengers must remain seated until the bus comes to a complete stop
  • All mobility devices must be properly secured
  • All strollers must be collapsed and kept with the rider. Bicycles may be transported if securement is available, however the is an additional fare. Exces­sive carry-on items may have additional fares. Speak with dispatcher regarding charges.
  • These are basic guidelines other rules may apply.
    Check our FAQ page for more information.

    Please call 989-354-2487 if you have any questions or concerns.