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Request For Bids

Download Radio System RFP Bid Package 5-1-2023

Bid Clarification – Questions & Answers – 5-10-2023:

1st Question:  I received your RFP for a digital UHF system and I have a question.  In the RFP you say you guys are looking to remove a UHF system and replace with a digital VHF System, after when you list specifications, you list everything as if you want all 800mHz Radios on the state system instead, nothing for VHF so were just wondering which is it, and what VHF specs or radios examples you are looking for?  Also, will there be a date for a site visit?

  • Answer:  We are replacing all radios with an 800 mHz system and the site visit is May 17th between 9 am – 2 pm. 

2nd Question:  You are asking in one place that this is a VHF system, then in the specifications you are naming 700/800 MHZ equipment to be used on MPSCS. Can you please clarify what Band of equipment you will be using?

  • Answer:  We are replacing all radios with an 800 mHz system

Bid Clarification – Questions & Answers – 5-23-2023:

3rd Question:  Could you resolve the conflict between VHF & 800? (pages 1,3,4)

      • A. Are you asking for two separate proposals or leaving it up to the vendor to come up with a solution.
      • B. Do you have a preference for one or the other?
      • C. So you require or is it desirable to have live GPS monitoring?
    • Answer:  Any and all references to VHF vs. 800 are to imply the Michigan Public Safety Communicationjs System (MPSCS).
  • a. One single proposal for a MPSCS based system is desired.
  • b. The MPSCS – which should allow ability to converse with units from Metro Detroit to Sault St, Marie (Statewide).
  • c. Yet to be determined – vendors should include that as an option and the method / interface to accomplish that task.

4th Question:  Console requirements.

  • A. Are the consoles also doing audio storage? (Page 6)
  • B. Are dispatchers going to talk to other agencies (911) from console locations?
  • C. Do console locations network with other dispatch centers (911)? 
  • D. Do console locations need a foot activated push to talk?
  • E. Do console locations need a front display?
  • F. Do console locations need audio buffer (for 800 MHz)?
  • G. Do console locations need two way audio (for 800 MHz)? 


    • a. Yet to be determined – vendors should include that as an option and the method / interface to accomplish that task.
    • b. Not on a regular basis, but in times of emergency, TBTA may be requested to support emergency relief efforts. As such, access to at least one talkgroup of the Alpena County emergency services department (of their choosing) to facilitate such need is desired. This would likely be best suited to only the dispatch consoles, perhaps one administrative location or even a stand alone radio to accomplish this task. Negotiations have yet to occur between the county and TBTA, so this should be included as an option for consideration.
    • c. Other than vocal interaction as described in 2b above, no.
    • d. No, but please list as an option.
    • e. Of current operating talkgroup, yes.
    • f. Yes
    • g. Yes.

5th Question:  If you’re requesting a VHF system do you have tower locations picked out to operate repeater?

Answer: As we seek operating under MPSCS, this is not applicable.


6th Question: If you are requiring the successful vendor to remove old equipment on tower sites and locations other than removing old vehicle radios, will you please furnish a list so that we  may give an accurate bid?

Answer: The only such location at this point may be the City of Alpena water tower (TANK) at US-23 North and Hamilton Road. 


7th Question: If this is an 800 MHz radio system, Do you require the vendor to handle talk group management?

Answer: Yes. At this point, consideration’s include:

       a. DART Talkgroup

       b. TBTA Talkgroup

       c. Possible GPS / Data talkgroup for potential system expansion.

       d. Alpena County Emergency Management access.


As much of this system design is “uncharted waters” for TBTA Management and Staff, further clarifications, options, ideas and suggestions from vendors are welcome. 


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